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Day 12

Bye bye Berlin!

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Well today was a busy day. It started by grabbing coffees and an apple strudel (it was soooo good!). We ate as we walked on a mission to find the post office. It's funny when your traveling in a country and you don't speak the language. You can ask someone for directions, then you get to the stop they sent you to, and then you have to ask someone else where it is and then the same thing happens again. This seems to occur numerous times, making a simple task like finding the post office to buy stamps take up half our morning. So after asking 4 people, we found the post office and I was able to buy stamps! Mission accomplished!

Then we grabbed the sight seeing bus. We took it until the Brandenberg Gate, got off and walked down a long long street through the big garden to the end. It looked fairly short on the map, but in reality it wasn't. We got back on the bus and took it to the Berlin wall. We took pictures at the wall and also walked through the Topograph Museum of Terror exhibit. It goes through details of the Nazi regime in Berlin. We also stopped off at Checkpoint Charlie again, since I lost all of my pictures from the day before. :(

So we are pretty much done with Berlin now. It's a big city, with lots of history and things to do and see. The things I will miss: good beer, the Berlin bear, Brandenberg Gate, random people trying to sell me something in German on the street and when I say I only speak English they respond with ok sorry and walk away!, amazing food everywhere and of course BIKENSTOCKS!!!

Last stop tomorrow....we are flying to Amsterdam!! Only 3 days left in Europe before we leave for home. Time sure flies when your having fun!!

Love Lins

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Day 11

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Well I woke up today feeling much better, thank goodness.

We took an open bus tour around Berlin today. It was a great way to really see most of the city and kind of get our bearings. It's much larger then Krakow, it's like being back in Paris! We stopped off at Checkpoint Charlie, had sandwiches at a cafe for lunch and toured around somemore. We are a close walk to the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial. We walked down there tonight to take pictures.

Tomorrow we are planning on taking the bus tour to some other places we didn't have time to hit today and we are hoping to go into the Checkpoint Charlie museum. When we went there today the credit card machine wasn't working and they only were accepting cash. Of course we are almost out of cash being on the last rope of our trip and couldn't afford to go in by cash! Lol. Hopefully it's working tomorrow, fingers crossed!

The weather here is very weird. Scotland was really cold and wet, Paris was warm during the day but very cool at night, Poland was just HOT and Germany is just weird. Most people wore tshirts with scarfs and pants today. It's pretty cool and overcast. But then the sun comes out and watch out its so warm, but then the sun disappears and it's cold again. It's hard to know how to dress. I brought so many summer clothes that I haven't even worn yet. From what Salika and Moneet said about Amsterdam, I think it's going to be even cooler when we get there. Makes you appreciate our seasons at home. Sure I'm not a fan of winter, but at least our summers are hot.

I did have a little bit of technical difficulty today which is quite upsetting. I was trying to upload the last day and a halfs worth of photos on my iPad. I was trying for a good hour but for some reason it wasn't working. Somehow the connector deleted my WHOLE entire memory card. I know, should I cry now or later? Thank god I had already uploaded most pictures up to know on my iPad, but I lost everything. Very disappointing since when you go on a trip, all you have left when you get back are your pictures. Needless to say, I'm not trying the adapter again because I don't want to loose anything else. So there will be no more pictures until we get home.

I bought a new pair of birks today. Not that I needed them, I already have 12 pairs of sandals and 3 pairs of clogs. But birks are made in Germany! And because of that they have some awesome awesome colours here! And I only have one pair of the thong ones at home. My moms going to be sooo mad! I clog up the doorway with my shoes and she makes multiple comments of how she doesn't understand why I need so many of the same shoe. My response is they are the most comfortable shoe in the world! ;)

On a side note I'm swearing off all weird, cultural or fried food for the rest of the trip. I don't care if it's an authentic meal in that country. I don't think I'm ever going to eat sausage again! Sausage is evil!! It makes you fat, feel gross and makes me sick to my stomach. I am going on a cleanse the minute I get home, salad and tuna, everyday for lunch and dinner! My body hates me right now and I don't blame it...I feel like a slug.

Off to bed! Til tomorrow!
Love Lins

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Day 10

Hello Berlin

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Well I'm sure my mom is wondering why I haven't posted today, definitely not like me. We took a 10 hour train ride through Poland to Berlin. Found our hotel, checked in and started getting ready to find somewhere to eat dinner, it was then 8pm, and I suddenly feel horrible. I felt like I as still moving back and forth from the train, and then it got worse. I've only felt like this once before, when Marla and I did a cruise last December and I got really bad motion sickness. So I took a gravol and waited. Now my stomach had a sharp pain and I wasn't sure if I was going to be sitting on a toilet all night or in front of one vomiting. After an hour, I tried to go out. I was past the point of being able to eat but Candice had to eat something. We found a restaurant at the. end of the hotel's street that was nice and close. I ate 1/2 of a tomato soup, then I felt like I was going to vomit. I tried to sit there and make it through dinner but I just couldn't. I literally had to leave Candice, at the resturant to come back to the hotel. I've been lying in bed since. I just slowly ate the plain green salad Candice had doggy bagged for me since I left before our meal came. I'm hoping I keep it down and my stomach holds out. Now it's 5am and I'm wide awake because ive been sleeping forever.

So we are alive, hopefully my stomach feels better today, cause we only really have 2 days here to sight see.

Love Lindsay

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