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July 2012

Day 1

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Hiya from Glasgow!

Now that I've had a nap and feel less jet lagged I can think! I feel like this has been the longest day of my life! Our flight was annoying, why do people travel on planes with babies/toddlers for long flights? How is that far to the baby and all the other people on the plane. Needless to say, we didn't sleep at all. We got in early around 7am, 2am home time. At the airport, we decided to try to take the bus into the city. We asked which bus to take and were told to take the 500 to the city centre. After walking around trying to find the bus stand I ask the driver if it's the right bus. He tells us it would be better to take another bus and shows us where to wait. Confused, we listened to him because he's the bus driver and we have no idea where we are, so we went and sat on the bench waiting for this other bus. 5 min later a man that works there comes running up to us and tells us we were at the correct bus and the driver was wrong. He said he was looking everywhere for the 2 Canadian girls! (good thing my bags are decked out in Canadian flags!! They love Canadian's down here!!!). Once we got into the city, finding our hotel was a breeze. We left our bags here and set out to find an open bus tour. We did a bus tour all around Glasgow. It was great and allowed us to see pretty much everything. We hit up Subway and had a £3 small combo (no tax!) and then went window shopping on Buchanan Street. It was very cold, especially on the bus! The wind mixed with on and off rain sprinkling is chilly. I think its more shocking to your body because it's so hot at home right now.

We walked back to the hotel and checked in. That's when we kind of crashed. So we took a nap around 5pm (3pm for Candice)! We decided that we wouldn't set our alarm and would just wake up when our bodies wake up. All I remember is waking up and Candice is getting ready and tells me it's 9am. I couldn't believe that we slept for a good 15 hrs, but I knew we were jet lagged and have been not stop since we left Toronto yesterday afternoon so maybe it was possible. Breakfast is served until 10am so we get up and ready quickly. Once we found the breakfast room we were surprised the lights were off and no one is in sight in the hotel. Confused we go to the hotel front door and step outside. It looked like it could be morning. It was dark but also light, but no one was outside. We go to the front and ask the time and she tells us it's 9:30. We ask her about breakfast and she confirms it's until 10. Confused we ask her why it's not open then, and she kept on saying it will be until 10. Turns out we are so messed up we have no sense of day or time. It was actually 9:30PM!!! I feel like I slept for a lifetime but it was only 3-4 hrs! Haha

So we went walking up Sauchiehall Street, found Joanne and Lisa's cousins restaurant (too bad it was closed) and ended up at a fish and chips joint. We ate our first Scottish fish and chips outside in the square, freezing our bums off. Then we walked back to the hotel to eat our British chocolate that we bought on the way back.

Before we left I told Candice that I wanted to find the girl guide store in Edinbugh to pick up a pin or badge to bring home. If you didn't know, I was in girl guides until I was 19 and next year I'm rejoining as a guider with the ladies that were my guide leaders when I was young. I'm really excited to get back into guiding. So we are walking down our street to find the hotel, and guess what I found right beside my hotel! The girl guide and scouts stores!!! Holy karma! So we had a look in the store and I was able to pick some stuff up. They had a display case of badges from around the world that people had brought here and there was a flag from Brampton Ontario in there! I thought it was kind of neat.

It's been a great day but also the longest day of my life! I'm not tired so I'm hoping the gravol recommendation from Moneet is successful and knocks me out!

Tomorrow, we are planning on making our way to the train station around noon to catch a train to Edinburgh.

Cheers until tomorrow!
Love Lins

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Hello Glasgow!!

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Well it's almost 5 am at home but it's close to 10 am here. Our flight was okay. Of course we have good luck being beside a family with 2 small children that cried and screamed for most of the 6.5 hr flight! Needless to say we still haven't slept! We can't check into the hotel for a few more hours so we left our bags and we have been walking around. We are planning on going on an open bus tour now, as per Joanne Stark's amazing Scotland recommendations.

So we are here, we are safe and we are exhausted! ;) I will post lots of pictures tonight thanks to my second mama Darina who gave me this amazing gadget so I can upload pictures directly to my iPad. Thanks Darina! Xoxo

'til later!
Love Lins xoxo

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Almost ready to go!!!

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==I think I slept a total of 4 hours last night. I am the worst procrastinator, I feel like I'm back in University, avoiding the one thing that I HAVE to do...PACK!!! After too many hours, I have things laid out everywhere in my room, and I'm going to attempt to pack my bag tonight!!

We fly out tomorrow at 7:30pm.

Here's how our trip looks:
Friday July 27: Glasgow, Scotland
Saturday July 28-Monday July 30: Edinburgh, Scotland
Monday July 30-Thursday August 2: Paris, France
Thursday August 2-Sunday August 5: Krakow, Poland
Sunday August 5-Wednesday August 8: Berlin, Germany
Wednesday August 8-Saturday August 11: Amsterdam, Netherlands

I can't wait to touch down in Scotland Friday!!! Check out my blog for daily updates of our trip!

Lindsay xoxo

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