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July 2012

Day 5

Oh Paris!

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We had a super busy day walking around Paris. We left this morning and took the metro up to the Louvre. The annoying thing about Pairs is trying to buy food. They have weird food times, breakfast is early, lunch between 1:30-3pm then most restaurants close down until dinner which doesn't really start until 7pm and seems to go past 11pm. Everything is a Parisien cafe, there is one at every street corner. They all serve the same food and they are all super expensive. I don't know about you but all I need in the morning is a coffee (cafe americano as they call it in Europe) and something small to keep me going. Well that almost impossible today! A breakfast which was coffee, juice, toast and fruit is about €15!! We spend about that for a 3 course meal at dinner! After a good 20 min of walking from cafe to cafe, in search of a Starbucks (they do have them here but not on every street corner like they do downtown) we found a small tea place...thank god! Food can be pretty frustrating to either find or afford in Paris, which is completely opposite from Scotland.

After breakfast, we walked outside of the Louvre, sat at the fountains and relaxed. We walked across the street to the Jardin du Carrousel and the into the Jardin des Tuileries. If you haven't been to Paris before, pictures do not the jardins justice. They are beyond huge, think central park but all open, green grass, multiple fountains with lots of seating. It's amazing!!

Then we walked up the av des Champs-Eylsees , the whole way up to the Arc de Triomphe. We stopped to do a bit of shopping and eat a salad and sandwhich in the street on the way. Then we decided to be ambitious, pulled out the Frommers map and figured out how to walk to the Tour Eiffel! We took a bunch of pictures, admired its beauty, got ice cream and sat down at the seine river taking everything in. Next, we took an hour boat cruise on the Seine river. The cruise is nice because you learn a lot of history and see lots of buildings. After the cruise, we walked under the Tour Eiffel towards another park. We walked all through parc du Champ de Mars to the metro.

Tonight we went back to rue Mouffetard for dinner. We didn't head over until 8:30 ish, typical dinner time in Paris. We had cheese fondue! Who knew fondue was super popular in Paris?!? Personally, I was sick of it after just a bit, but Candice who has never had fondue enjoyed the meal. The carbs are killing my tummy, I feel like its expanded so much just from eating shit. It would be impossible to do the Poon here, and I want to try authentic food and enjoy myself on my trip, but I can not wait to get back on the Poon when I get back!! Crazy, I know!

Well if you pulled out a map of Paris and looked up the Latin Quarter and follow where we walked to you would see we literally walked half of the city. Needless to say, I'm tired and may actually be able to sleep tonight.

Au revoir! A demain.
Amour Lindsay

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Day 4

Bonjour de Paris

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We made it to Paris and didn't get lost!!! Sweeeet!

We went into a minor panic mode trying to check in at the airport at Edinburgh. We were lucky enough to have a huge group of Italian teenagers in a tour group in front of us. They only started check in for our flight 1 hour before even though they say to be 2 hours early, which we were. Once we checked in we literally speed walked upstairs to the security check and just made it in line for boarding. Everything else has been smooth sailing since ;)

So far, I'm finding my Paris experience different from my last one. Pretty much everyone we've met or approached for something has spoken English to some extent. I'd love to say all my 15 years of French education has paid off and I'm conversing well in Francais....but sorry mom, that's not the case. Candice has an amazing memory, and she remembers random facts and information. Thank god she has been remembering words, which has been very handy. We are staying in the Latin Quater which is on the Seine Gauche. The funny thing is, I stayed in this neighbourhood 4 years ago when Linds and I came to Paris! I clearly didn't remember this (my memory is not like Candice's!), but I am great at directionality and remembering places I have been before. We started walking down our street and I literally started noticing all these landmarks that I thought looked familiar. 20 minutes later, I found the Starbucks we used to go to every morning and where the hotel I stayed in was. My amazing sense of directionality also found the Patheon (which is only a 15 min walk from our hotel) and the Jarden de Luxemburg. We are going to go back during the day since it was had to see everything in the dark but at least I now where we are going.

We found rue Mouffetard and rue Descartes which has lots of restaurants and pubs everywhere. Everything here is a set meal. Most range from €14-€18 which include an appetizer, entree and dessert. We had a nice French meal on the street with some wine and enjoyed taking in the atmosphere. Romantic, I know! ;)

Tomorrow we are going shopping! The major retailer here is call Monoprix (it's kind of like Winners). As smart as I am, I appear to have not packed a cardigan even though I had 2 pulled out to pack for the trip. It's quite cool here, not as bad as Scotland, but you actually need a sweater in the evening as it gets breezy. I was pretty disappointed tonight when I realized I didn't bring any, luckily my fat arms aren't so fat anymore, and I actually fit in one of Can's cardigans. Who knew that day would ever happen! Lol Other then shopping, we have 2 days to hit up as many sites as we can. So that's the plan for tomorrow. Add in some pastries, coffee and a crepe and we're going to have an amazing day in Paris!!

Au revoir.

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Day 3

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Today was an awesome day!! We did a 12 hour day trip to Glencoe, Loch Ness and the Highlands. I was actually surprised how far it was and how much ground we covered. It took about 5 hours to get to the Loch Ness from Edinburgh, with a few short 15 min stops on the way there. Our guide Peter was amazing. He was very blunt, funny and Scottish! The tour company we went with is called Rabbies (www.rabbies.com). They do small tours, there was only 15 of us on the bus which was great. Most of the people on our tour were German. There was a couple that were from Vancover Island in our group that we started chatting with and ended up spending the day with at the tour stops. The four of us (plus the guide) were the only English speaking people, which helped prepare us for the rest of our trip in non-English speaking countries!! This trip was amazing! I can't really describe what the highlands are like. Pictures doesn't do it justice, it's just the most beautiful landscape! If you ever come to Scotland you have to do a tour.

I can't believe that we are done with Scotland already! We fly out to Paris tomorrow afternoon.

The things we loved and will miss from Scotland are: "wee", "hiya", flake bars, coffee (its amazing!!!), a pot of tea and a treat, Marks and Spencer's simply food, The Royal Mile, bag pipes and the friendly people!!

Cheers until tomorrow!
Love Lins

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Day 2

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Well Edinburgh has not changed since I was last here. I still love it! The atmosphere here is just so different from Glasgow. Everything is old and beautiful and the people are so friendly! We had a great day walking up and down the Royal Mile, buying souvenirs and sight seeing. We walked through the Princes Street Gardens, to the Edinburgh Castle and walked along and in some shops on Princes Street. I had the best pie and pint ever at a pub on the Royal Mile for lunch. It was soooo good that we haven't been hungry since. Dinner consisted of a small salad followed by a chocolate bar. We've been eating a lot of chocolate lately, it's bad but the UK chocolate is just soooo freaken good! The grand highlight of the day is we didn't get lost once and I didn't have to pull out my map at all. I have my mama's photographic memory when it comes to directionality. Once I've been somewhere once, I never ever forget!

I've been waiting 4 years for tomorrow. My only regret from my last Euro trip was not going on a highland tour. Tomorrow we are going on a 12 hour day trip to Glencoe, Loch Ness and the Highlands. I hope it doesn't rain all day like it did today, but if it does Candice brought us plastic ponchos. :)

Until tomorrow!
Love Lins

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Hello Edinburgh!!

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We made it to Edinburgh!

We set out this morning and walked a good 20 minutes with our packs to the train station. Just for the record, I clearly over packed. My backpack weighs sooo much! We got our train ticket and we were off. Unfortunately, we got off at the wrong station. Joanne normally gives amazing directions but you she us to get off at Haymarket and it was suppose to be Waverley. We got off at Haymarket and I could not find where we were on the map at all. After 20 minutes of confusion, we walked back to the train station and asked the security man. He was nice enough to let us on the train without repaying. Thank god I've been to Edinurgh before and knew what direction to go after we got off the train. We are staying just south of the Royal Mile in Old Town. Last time I stayed I was north of Princes St. This location is much better, we are close to everything here. It took us forever to find the hotel though. We walked up a close to High st and it was suppose to be the next street up. Of course it wasn't but it was suppose to be there! Lol. After a long time, we found it. So we are chilling in our room now, eating nuts and chocolate. I think we are due for a nap then off to do some walking down the Royal Mile.

Did I mention Edinburgh is one of my favourite places in the world? Love it here!!! Lesley and Laurie, we must come back when we are down here in December!!!

Until later, Cheers!
Love Lins

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