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Day 6

Au revoir Paris!!

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Well this is our last night in Paris. We had a pretty action packed day like yesterday. Started off by walking to the Pantheon from our hotel, we are about a 10 minute walk. Then we walked down rue Soufflot to good old McDonalds to get breakfast. Now most of the people I know at home, specifically the city of Brampton guys would not survive with the small sizes in Europe. A bottle of pop is only 500ml and 4€ where at home it's 750ml and $2! Well caffeine is not the same either. A normal coffee is a cafe Americano and it usually comes in one size, super SMALL!!! Mcd's has expresso and coffee but its one size. It must be the equivilant to a extra small coffee from Tim's. I'm dying for a normal sized coffee!!!! Anyways, we went to McDonalds and spent 6€ on the smallest coffee known to man and a muffin! Definitely NOT like McDonalds at home.

Frankly I'm sick of eating here. I'm not loving the French food. I know they are known for their cuisine but it's weird, uncooked and not that great. Plus, it is soooo expensive! We are both hoping Poland is as cheap as everyone says cause I'm ready to stop spending such on food for a few days.

Now that I'm done ranting, we took our expensive McDs and walked across the street to the Jardin de Luxembourg. This is by far my favourite Jardin in Paris! Words can't describe it. Check out my fb pictures and it still doesn't do it justice but gives you an idea. We walked and walked and walked from the Jardin to Notre Dame Cathedral. It took a really long time, stopping at our favourite store, Monoprix for some window browsing. After Notre Dame, we got a sandwich and a coke at a little 'cheap' side restaurant (for only 12€ each!) and then got a crepe. Nutella and banana creeps are the best!! If you ever come to Paris, don't miss out!

Next we got lost! Not badly, but we walked for 20 min along the seine in the complete opposite direction! Opps!!! At least I noticed that I couldn't find the street names on the map. We stood there with our big map open looking like total tourists for a good 5 min until this nice friendly man came riding up on his bikeup and asked if we needed help. Not only were we going the wrong way, we had a good 35 min walk ahead of us. Eventually we made it to Musee Orsay! My favourite museum in Paris! It holds Edgar Degas' ballerina portraits and sculptures as well as lots of Van Gogh and Claudet Monet.

We took the metro back, but got lost on it. It wasn't our fault, it's like the only line out of all 14 that doesn't connect directly with our line the 7. We figured it out, took a train twice, going back where we started and had to transfer 3 times but we made it! Thats what matters.

We had our last dinner at an Italian restaurant then went for waffles and ice cream, cause you know we didn't need to! ;)

Tomorrow we are off to Krakow! I wonder what Poland will be like. Looking in our frommers guide, the map of krakow compared to Paris is unreal. If we can get around this city ok, we should never get lost in Poland!

To sum up Paris, we'll miss: 3 course meals at one set price, Monoprix, the metro, les Jardin, crepes, fondue, Notre Dame, Musee D'Orsay, 'Merci', 'do you speak English? Because I don't speak French' and old buildings with character everywhere!

Au revoir! Off to Poland we go!

Love Lins

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